Constitution for The Brighton Bothways Community Group

Name of Organisation:  The Brighton Bothways Community Group

Aims and Objectives
The Brighton Bothways Community Group is a group established to provide a safe and supportive environment for people to explore issues surrounding their bisexuality and to be affirmed in their journey. It does this through providing: social, cultural and creative activities. Membership is open to anyone who is exploring their bisexuality or supportive of those who are. It is a non-political and non-discriminatory group.

Area of Benefit
The area of benefit is anyone who identifies as being bisexual or thinks they might be.

The aims and objectives will be achieved through:

-providing affirming social, cultural and creative activities as appropriate

-providing workshops and events where bisexual people can learn the life skills needed to interact socially.

Limit on Powers
The Brighton Bothways Community Group can speak only for its own members and it can do so only after its Executive Committee has determined the Group’s view on any given matter. Individuals cannot speak for the Group unless empowered by the Executive Committee to do so. Issues surrounding sexual orientation are often politicised; the Group should refrain from being drawn into party politics.

Membership of the Brighton Bothways Community Group is open to

-anyone who is bisexual or think they might be

-anyone who supports the objectives of the Brighton Bothways Community Group (referred to as “friends”).

Any member can stand for election of the Executive Committee and every member shall have one vote at meetings organised by the Brighton Bothways Community Group.

There is no membership fee.

Anyone attending projects sponsored by the Brighton Bothways Community Group will be asked to help finance them, as they are able.

No details of any members shall be disclosed outside the group without prior consent.

Members must treat each other with respect and observe the Brighton Bothways Community Group Code of Conduct. If at any Group event, a member acts in a way that is contrary to that code, the Executive Committee may decide to suspend their membership.

Members’ conduct outside of Brighton Bothways Community Group’s activities is not subject to the Group’s Code and is not within the Executive Committee’s power to comment upon.

Executive Committee
The Brighton Bothways Community Group will be managed by an Executive Committee, which shall be elected annually at the AGM. It shall consist of:

The Officers:
Co-Chairs – who shall be responsible for chairing group meetings and acting as the Brighton Bothways Community Group’s representative to other groups?

Secretary – who, in consultation with the chair, shall be responsible for arranging regular meetings, taking minutes of those meetings, setting an agenda for meetings, overseeing the organising of activities, keeping an up-to-date register of members.

Treasurer – who shall be responsible for maintaining the Brighton Bothways Community Group’s accounts and reporting on its financial status as necessary, providing annual accounts at the AGM, co- coordinating grant and funding applications, keep a day-to-day record of transactions arising from the Group’s activities.

And other Executive Committee Members: as required

The Executive Committee has the power to co-opt others onto the committee as necessary. It shall be responsible for making all decisions concerned with running the Brighton Bothways Community Group including appointments. A two-thirds majority have to be present to make a decision on behalf of the Group. The Group shall aim to work by consensus but if this is not possible, decisions will be made by majority vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair has the deciding vote.

The Executive Committee shall meet at intervals decided by itself, but at least once a year. All members of the committee will be consulted on the dates and venues of meetings.

Officers may stand down at any time but if possible should give one month’s notice. The Executive Committee can approve replacement officers. In the event of misconduct an officer may be removed by a majority vote at an AGM or an EGM.

The Secretary will keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and any member of the Group may read the minutes.

The Brighton Bothways Community Group will meet at intervals arranged by the Executive Committee. It will hold an Annual General Meeting; members will be notified of the AGM one month in advance. An Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called by any member, subject to the agreement of 25% of the membership. One month’s notice must be given to all members of an EGM.

Money raised by the Brighton Bothways Community Group will be spent on activities that support the objectives of the Group. The treasurer will keep records of all financial transactions and regular reports will be given to the Executive Committee.

All cheques will require two signatories, to be determined by the Executive Committee. Transactions relating to petty cash and payment for premises, etc. will be conducted according to methods devised by the Treasurer.

Changing the constitution
Changes can be made to this constitution at an AGM or an EGM. Any proposal to change the constitution must be put in writing to the Secretary before the meeting and passed on to members in advance of the meeting. Changing the constitution requires a two third vote of those members present at the meeting.

If the Brighton Bothways Community Group wishes to consider dissolution, a special meeting must be called and all members told of the purpose of the meeting. A majority of two thirds of those present is requires to dissolve the Group. If it is dissolved, all debts must be paid, grants and funding money returned and the remaining assets donated to charities that further the work of the bisexual community.